A model of brewing culture and gourmet experience

Using brewed food to make delicious food enhances the value of Taiwan’s food culture

Hide in the alley in Fengyuan, SauceCo. has been founded over 70 years, achieving the first organic brand of miso and black bean sauce in Taiwan.

Mr. Hsu Huolie found the first professional fermenting production factory in the 43 year of the Republic Era, manufacturing miso, soy sauce and pickled products with Taiwan excellent crop. Mr. Hsu Zonglin, the second generation takes over and lead into black bean sauce and vegetable pickled cans production line. By the third generation, Hsu Lisheng, not only process the business procedures, also import the “food safety” and “organic concepts” into the traditional industry successfully, creating the different images from the traditional industry.

Weirong three series of products
our persistence
Specializing in the production and research and development of organic and natural brewed foods such as miso and soy sauce

Looking to the future, we will not only meet the taste and health needs of domestic and foreign consumers and achieve the goal of global sustainable management, but we will also strive to create a food culture that takes into account both health and deliciousness. And through the Brewing Culture Center, we will continue to pass on the culture and philosophy of Weilong.